Espresso Machines and Grinders

The Iberital Intenze Line is an espresso machine made to satisfy the most demanding tastes. Designed to withstand intensive use and meet high performance expectations, the Iberital Intenze is as robust and precise as it is sophisticated and versatile.


  • Programmable dose buttons
  • Ergonomic handles & easy to clean portafilters
  • Automatic boiler ref i l l
  • Anti-splash hot water outlet
  • Stainless steel steam outlet
  • Heating element protecting device
  • Available in High Group
  • Easy removal of front panel to access inside the machine


  •  2-Group Basic 220V Model 


  • Adjustment of the touchpanel settings.
  • Boiler capacity:
    1GR – 6L; 2GR 10,5L – 14L; 3GR 20L
  • Heating element:
    1GR 1.800W-2.400W; 3.000W-3800W; 3GR 5.000W-6.000W
  • Front panel can be removed enabling easy access inside the machine.
  • Boiler drain tap is situated in the center of the drip tray for easy drainage (Optional).
  • Contactor 20A/ 25A/ 32A (Optional).
  • Grifos de vapor / agua caliente a leva (Opcional).

  • Luxury Pack: (Optional)
    Filter holders and chrome handles, and open outputs. Steam / special pipes water.
  • Automatic filling of boiler water.
  • Built-in heating element protection.
  • Built-in pump motor.
  • Dimensions:
    Iberital INTENZ 1GR: 476mm (Length) x 585mm (Depth) x 541mm (Height)
    Iberital INTENZ 2GR: 790mm (Length) x 585mm (Depth) x 541mm (Height)
    Iberital INTENZ 3GR: 964mm (Length) x 585mm (Depth) x 541mm (Height)
  • Weight:
    Iberital INTENZ 1GR: 38 Kg
    Iberital INTENZ 2GR: 51-60 Kg
    Iberital INTENZ 3GR: 69-74 Kg

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